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Statement of Access and Confidentiality:
  Information contained in any Office of Mental Health (OMH) database is confidential and legally protected under Federal and New York State law and applicable OMH policy or standards.  The information may be accessed only with specific authorization by OMH.  Misuse of any data or application system, including inappropriate access to or use of information from the database will subject the individual to administrative, civil, and criminal disciplinary action.  Print-outs, photocopy, or facsimile of confidential information may only be made by authorized users and must be secured and properly disposed of in accordance with Mental Hygiene Law 33.13 and OMH Policy Manual Section 8000.  No information will be released to any source other than those authorized.  All computer resources are restricted solely for the conduct of OMH business.  Personal and unauthorized usage is prohibited.  Inquiries regarding this statement or its use shall be directed to the Office of Mental Health CITER Help Desk at 1-800-HELP-NYS and referred to the Information Security Officer.